का के की


Paperback (recommended age 3+)

ISBN-13: 978-9354261114



Beautiful images and simple text to introduce kids to vocabulary with a focus on the prepositions का, के, की । This book has small Hindi phrases for early readers and also a short grammar lesson for older kids.



2 thoughts on “का के की

  1. Priyanka Agarwal says:

    Excellent book, perfect for early readers and learners. The best thing is that words are given with nice colorful pics and kids can really relate to those pics. Many items are used in daily life and my son was so excited to see those in pics (Chai :)). Great work Priya!! Looking forward to other books in line!

  2. Dinika says:

    “Ka Ke Ki” is a perfect book for beginner level Hindi students. It explains the concept of prepositions very well with simple sentences and wonderful pictures that go along with those sentences. It also introduces some new vocabulary words. Excellent book! Looking forward to the next book in the series.


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